3 Components of a Trading System

Entries don’t mean anything unless you know your exit and position size. Entries are just prices.

Entries, exits, and a position sizing algorithm are the 3 crown jewels to a basic trading system.

Don’t look at intraday charts – they are worthless and contain the most random data compared to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly charts – in that order. You need either AI or an HFT system to win in the shorter time frames. Doing it “by eye” is a game of losing and frustration. Love yourself enough to play a game that you can win.

Trading is a game of failure – like baseball.

You simulate your trading rules to a) see if they would have been profitable; and b) give you an idea if you have strong feelings about the frequency of losses and the drawdown.

Trading is systematized attrition of your capital until a winner hits.

Risking 1-2% per trade is insane. Start with 0.10% or 1/10th of 1%. Break your capital up into 1,000 units.

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Don’t trade size in your initial entries. Wait for the market to show you which way it’s going to go before you add more.

Forget price targets. That’s ego talking so that you can be “reasonable” with yourself around greed and fear.

How do you know that what is a 3-bagger can’t become a 10-bagger?

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