2 Sides to Every Emotional Coin

Risk and reward are linear. You need enough risk to get the gain you want. You can risk so little that you’ll never lose much, but you’ll never make anything either. Same is true for the emotions that you experience when you make investments/trades. On the flip side of every orgasmic, euphoric feeling is its polar opposite. You’ve got to take chances, but you don’t have to be stupid doing it. Here’s how a 2-sided emotional coin works:

Heads: “We’re with Bernie. He doesn’t accept new clients. You pretty much need to know someone to get your money with him. We’ve got all our money with him. His investors have a nickname for him: God.” Emotions: Pride, arrogance, laziness.

Tails: “F*** me on Sunday standing up. Madoff stole our money. He’s taken everything. There’s nothing left. We’re done. How much can we get for the condo.” Emotions: Shame, Destitution, despondency.


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